One of the ways you can help your favorite pooch live out its full lifespan is by providing the dog with regular pet dental care. Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital offers pet dental care services for pets in Longwood, FL, and the surrounding Orlando area.

Importance of Pet Dental Care in Dogs

If you’ve noticed your dog having trouble eating or see swollen gums, it may be time to schedule a dentistry appointment with a veterinarian. Canines can develop many of the same dental issues as humans, including gingivitis and periodontal disease.

An owner should take their dog in at least once per year for a thorough dog teeth cleaning. You should bring your dog in if you have been noticing seen them exhibit any of the following issues.

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Discolored teeth
  • Awkward chewing motion or food falling out of its mouth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain when eating
  • Swollen areas in the mouth

A dog often becomes more irritable when they are experiencing dental issues. You should be careful when examining your pet’s mouth as they may inadvertently lash out when in pain.

Benefits of Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning for your dog can remove tartar build-up around the gumline. We administer anesthesia to your pet, so they do not experience any anxiety from the procedure. The teeth receive a polishing, fluoride treatment, and Oravet barrier sealant to protect your dog’s teeth for up to two weeks after the cleaning appointment.

Professional cleanings reduce the chance of bacteria getting beneath your dog’s gum line, which could result in an infection that gets into the canine’s bloodstream. The disease ends up traveling to other organs, affecting the rest of your dog’s body.

Benefits of At-Home Dog Teeth Cleaning

An owner should make proper dental hygiene part of their dog’s grooming routine. Luv-N-Care Hospital can recommend products an owner can use at home to prevent plaque from forming. Daily brushing also removes any food or other particles that can get caught below the dog’s gumline. Being consistent about cleaning your dog’s teeth at home means they will have an easier time when they pay a visit to the veterinarian.

Schedule a dog teeth cleaning for your pet with Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital today by calling 407-767-0606.

Additional Pet Dental Care at Luv-n-Care

Pet Dental Care

We are equipped with a state of the art dental unit to perform routine and complex dental cleanings. While under anesthesia, your pet will receive a deep cleaning to remove all existing tartar. After cleaning, the teeth will be polished, treated with fluoride to strengthen the tooth surface, and an Oravet barrier sealant will be applied to protect the teeth for up to two weeks after the dental cleaning.

We offer digital dental x-rays to assess the health of the tooth root and the bone that supports the teeth. Treatment recommended could include surgical extraction and periodontal treatment. We use appropriate pain protocol depending upon the procedure your pet receives. We also use synthetic bone materials to fill the defects created by dental extractions to achieve a strong jaw bone after surgery. Complementary dental exams are available before scheduling a dental cleaning for your pet.