At Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital, we understand that not all pets bark or meow! We offer exotic veterinarian care for non-traditional pets, in additional to care for cats and dogs. Every species of pet has its own quirks and health concerns, so it’s important to keep up with regular veterinary checkups to keep them healthy and thriving. Here’s a closer look at some of the many exotic veterinarian services we provide for pets.

Exotic Pets We Commonly Serve

Don’t see your pet on the list? Call us! Chances are very good that we have provided treatment to pets just like yours at some point.

Exotic Veterinarian Checkups

Checkups for non-traditional pets are often very similar to what you would see performed to check the health of a dog or cat. We may perform blood work on your pet, do a stool check for intestinal parasites, administer vaccines, or perform other services depending on your pet’s size, age and specific risks. When you schedule your appointment with Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital, we may ask you to bring a sample of your pet’s poop from home to help assess their health.

With rabbits, we recommend spaying or neutering them to prevent unwanted behaviors and cancers from developing later in life. Rabbits have a very specific set of health concerns, which our exotic veterinarian staff will discuss with you. Rabbits are also prone to certain health problems as they age, so regular checkups will help to diagnose and treat problems early.

The same goes for ferrets, another exotic pet we commonly treat. Ferrets require some annual vaccines and monthly heartworm medication to protect them being sickened by fleas.

Our exotic veterinarian staff can also help to educate you on the proper care and handling of your specific type of exotic pet. These topics can include everything from their diet to wellness and preventive care to their pet habitat.

If you have an exotic pet, don’t fret! Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital is well accustomed to treating and caring for less-than-common pets. Call us at 407-767-0606 to schedule an appointment today.