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Interesting Information About Our Feline Friends

March 1, 2024

Did you know that Fluffy is one of the sleepiest creatures on the planet? Only a few animals, like bats and possums, are able to get more shuteye than our beloved furry companions. This shouldn’t be a big surprise: we all know that cats are, for some reason, very very tired. In fact, these adorable creatures not only have their own special charms, they’re also packed full of cute quirks. You’ll learn some surprising facts about your beloved feline companion in this informative article by a Longwood, FL veterinarian.

Kitty Career Changes 

Nowadays, many cats enjoy a life of luxury, basking in cozy, sunlit areas, snuggling up on their owners’ laps, and overall, experiencing the joys of a comfortable kitty existence. However, Fluffy has explored a diverse range of occupations, including being a spy, a smuggler, a therapist, and even a politician. There’s even a kitty in Japan who runs a train station!

One thing Fluffy didn’t do particularly well? Mail delivery. In the 1870s, a city in Belgium attempted to train cats to deliver mail. The experiment went exactly as anticipated, which is why mailcats are not a common practice nowadays.

Sometimes It Really Does Rain Cats And Dogs

This purrticular saying has been around for quite some time, first appearing in a collection of poems called the Olor Iscanus in 1651. It appears to originate from a time when it was common to have thatched roofs. Fluffy’s love of high vantage points would have put her at risk of  falling through a wet roof. 

Feeling Down And Out

Have you ever noticed how rare it is to see brown cats? In fact, you might come across them more frequently than you realize. If you have a black cat, take a close look at her fur when she’s in the sun. It’s actually brown! You may even see patterns if you look closely. 

Fashion Faux Paws

Speaking of patterns, kitties may sport a variety of different ones, such as tabby, parti-color, tortie, and calico. The patterns of Fluffy’s fur are reflected in their skin color. And her paw pads, or ‘toe beans’ as they are sometimes called, also need attention.

Of course, some cats choose to wear one-of-a-kind colors. In 1995, a green cat was born in Denmark. It’s possible that the furball’s unique coloring could be attributed to the presence of copper in the pipes nearby.

The Original Cat Burglar

You might think that the term “cat burglar” came from the fact that cats can be very quiet and sneaky. However, it might have been even more accurate than that. Certain furballs have a tendency to take things and bring them back to their owners. In fact, Fluffy has managed to steal a wide range of items. The list is truly impressive!

Here are a few examples:

  • Socks
  • Underwear 
  • Money 
  • Hair Ties
  • Elastics
  • Stuffed Animals
  • inhalers
  • Keychains
  • Identification cards

Although this may be amusing, it’s important to address a more serious concern: certain items that Fluffy may take, like hair ties and rubber bands, can pose a significant risk to her if ingested. If your furry friend has red paws, be extra careful with petproofing. Ask your Longwood, FL for tips on this.

Always Watching You 

Recent studies indicate that Fluffy creates a mental map of her surroundings to keep track of your movements. Imagine it as a kitty version of a GPS app, where you are the moving icon.

Cats Actually Don’t Love Milk

Everyone has seen those iconic images of adorable kitties gleefully consuming bowls of milk. However, it’s important to note that most adult furballs have difficulty digesting processed milk. Actually, drinking it might give Fluffy an upset stomach! 

It’s possible that this confusion dates back to a time when individuals commonly raised their own livestock. Raw milk contains specific enzymes that aid in the digestion of lactose in dairy products, making it easier for cats to process. Kittens also have this enzyme. However, once they finish nursing, their bodies no longer produce it, making them lactose-intolerant.

No Matter What Name You Give Us, We Love Cats

Do you have a fondness for kitties? If that’s the case, then you must be a cat lover. The term originates from the combination of the Greek word ailouros, which translates to ‘cat,’ and phile, which signifies ‘lover’.

Fluffy Hasn’t Changed Much Over The Years

Researchers have uncovered medieval manuscripts that say a lot about our relationship with Fluffy. Several of the ancient texts sport adorable paw prints that were clearly left by kitties.

You Can Quote Us On This

In Hungarian, the term ‘cat claws’ or macskaköröm is also used to refer to quotation marks.

Is Your Cat Allergic to You?

You probably know someone who is allergic to cats. (Note: it’s actually the dander from your pet’s skin, rather than her fur, that causes reactions?) But did you know that some of our feline friends can actually be allergic to humans? According to a study done back in 2005, approximately one in every 200 cats has kitty asthma. One of the few downsides of Fluffy’s indoor life is that pollen, cat litter, and cigarette smoke can worsen the issues. Fortunately, this is extremely uncommon. (We still recommend keeping cats inside.)

Fluffy Dedicates A Significant Amount Of Her Time To Grooming Herself.

Our feline friends are extremely clean. Fluffy devotes time each day to keeping her fur clean and in good shape. Grooming is not only about appearances for kitties: it also plays a role in reducing the odors that cats emit. This is crucial in the wild, as many predators are attracted by scents. Additionally, regular grooming can enhance the insulative properties of your cat’s fur, helping her stay more comfortable in both winter and summer.

Cats Don’t Just Purr When Happy

The way kitties vibrate with happiness is incredibly endearing. Fluffy doesn’t just purr to express happiness, though. Cats may also purr when they’re not feeling well, experiencing stress, or going through the process of delivering kittens. This is probably a means for them to comfort and potentially heal themselves.

Purrs Are Truly Enchanting

It’s safe to assume that if we could communicate with cats, we would definitely want to know more about their purring. This special rumble has some truly remarkable properties. Cats usually purr within a specific range of frequencies, usually between 25 and 150 Hertz. These frequencies have also been found to enhance bone density and support the healing process. They have also been utilized in therapy.

The Perfect Match: Kitties And Catnip

Fluffy’s love for catnip is definitely one of her more delightful quirks. It’s always heartwarming to witness a playful and lighthearted kitty having fun while enjoying the effects of her beloved plant. Our feline buddies actually have an interesting connection to this plant. Cats have scent receptors in their noses that perfectly match the scent molecules emitted by catnip.

This isn’t universal, though. Some kitties are just not interested in catnip. About a third of our feline friends are actually immune to its effects.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Reach out to us, your Longwood, FL pet hospital, today!

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